Rouge compound level 2

The air seems to drop in temperature, the light orbs are a dark blue in color as opposed to the clear light from above. The stone is now smooth, as if formed by magic.

First room
the walls curve out from the stairs, door in left wall, large metal door on the far wall,
dc 20 perception on door to notice small holes with frost
dc 25 to also see a box with small pipes leading off of it into the door
dc 26 to pick the lock – 20 or less sets off trap
dc 26 to force the door – if they succeed trap goes off
key is on slicer – sets off the trap but does open the door

ice trap +8 vs reflex burst 5
2d8 + 3 cold damage

secret door, same hole as the other secret doors dc 15 if mention looking at the walls
dc 30 if they don’t mention specifically state what they are looking for

science lab-
largish room, tables some with ingredients, some with paperwork,
Large silver circle in the middle of the room, three wisp wraith circling in the silver
slicer at the far table
once he notices the party – if they haven’t attacked he will ask them if they are new recruits
if they roleplay, he will give them a task to aquire him more bodies, he wants fresh ones with a wink, freshitst you can find or make with a wink

if they fail their roleplay or attack circle breaks, eater of dead spawns two zombies come off of the back tables

Through the iron door
Temperature drops again, breath misting in the air,
a light mist of fog fills the air
through the door a large room with a diaes and black throne at the end. In the throne sits a figure sprawling in the chair – there is an aura swerling around him and everything in the room is covered in creeping ice. DC to identify ice as creeping ice 20 arcana, 22 dongoneing

frosting in chair will start talking, “Well you certainly like to make an entrance don’t you” he stands up, “My master sent me here to end this resistance, so now you die”

blasts of cold from his hands animate the suits of armor on the walls, and role init, creeping ice activates.

Rouge compound level 2

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