the rouge den

captain Relyn asks the party to take care of a problem he has been having at his home town. A gang of rouges named the Sokaten has taken up residence in the sewers, and the guard has been forbidden from cleaning them out by earl Cyrus Barton who controls the town North Falcon.

-Fighting pit
Child about to fight to the death against a thug,
If they just jump in the pit, fight 10 human thugs, will run after fitst round and unleash ogrillon
-Bloodspear Ogrillon – named florg

-Fighting pit under-works
– if approached from sewer
– florg the orgrillon will see them from his cage and call them over and ask them to open his cage, if they do, he will imminently attack the party
After florg enter next room, common gladiator, three slaves attack, human gaurd enters in second round – chest with loot parcel one

-Warehouse above fighting pits
If the party starts the battle here, they battles will be long, will fight 5 thugs a street entertainer and two guards – if they search the place they will find a chest with loot parcel two DC 18 to open lock

-sewers to under-works
as they are going on the party starts to hear wails on a dc 20 perception check a wraith attacks the party.

-rouge compound level 1
Three entrances (building next to the warehouse, sewer, or the fighting pit from both the underworks and the pit itself. )
Enter a large dining room, attacked by 4 tugs and a chef goon
-front door
four thugs and a human gaurd
-fighting pit
Empty room, into four thugs and a human guard
two different paths one leads to prison and advancement, the other to the kitchen
Several slaves in cells
other side will depend on party status – either two gaurd two goons or four thugs

-Rouge compound level 2
two entrances – front door, and toilet, if they actually figure out and take the toilet omg, i will be in love with all of them.
– Front door dc 20 str check or dc 23 thieving to open lock
Both go to the same plce
In the antechamber vandr lounges on a black throne on a dias, three suits of armor arranged around the room. Diologe “So you made it after all, about time, I was getting tiered of waiting for you.” ignores the party “Let let me introduce you to some friends of mine” suits of armor start moving and vandr starts plaing the dirge of doom.

-Sewer to rouge compound level 1
as they are going on the party starts to hear wails on a dc 20 perception check a wraith attacks the party.

-inn that the party stays in (warehouse, poor, merchant district) have three ready
Poor inn and warehouse inn will be able to direct hem to the fitting pit, but if they are not subtle about their intentions, or show their wealth they may be attacked in the night.

Wealthy inn will be safe for the night, but will force the party to explore more options inorder to find the fighting pit. – mention orpanage if the party mentions missing children,
figting pit is in warehouse if party mentions, if mention gang will call them by name and clearly not like the gang, will direct to a shady tavern in the warehouse district for information.

-Earl’s riddance
will be turned away if the gang has not been eliminated

-orphanage – track the children
At first the people will be very hesitant to talk to the adventurers, citing non-human, when pressed will admit that the gang will show up sometime and force them to hand over some children, a child will run up and tell about sewer entrance to the pit underworks

-if try and talk to the inkeeper
-if they approach about the gang in positive or neutral manor he will tell them to talk to a cloaked dude in the corner
– if negitive, will role perception to notice his scared look at cloaked dude in corner as he denies any knowledge

The cloaked man
party approaches
They will be able to beat the tar out of him if a fight starts, will surrender after one hit
If they they and get him to let them join, he will tell them that he will set up a meeting with one of their recruiters for tomorrow at an address, the meeting will be held at the gambling warehouse, street entertainer is interviewer.
will tell them where they can find some fun if it goes in that direction.

Look for captain rylin for payment, come out at night, streets will not be very crowded
People will tell them that the captain is probobly avalible at the garison.
will get turned away at the gate of the garion told to come back in the morning,
if they just will get granted an audience with rylin, he will set up an audience with the earl. in the morning or the evening if they come in morning,
(tell them to find an armorer to get armor fit to them)

audience – eral will find the parties rampage hilarious, laugh with some nobles about the stampied and the sorccerer kocking the crowd around. be pleased with them. offer them the payment saying that it should cover what they were promissed. If they ask for more, he will get furious, on a 25 intimidate or deplomicy will give them another 500 gold.
if imtimidated will demand they leave
if deplomicy will stay amiable.
if they start a fight six human gaurds and rylin will attack,

Hear rumers about caravans disappearing on the road between North Falcon and Ribbith. or a rouge approaches them, announces that he is an employe of of Duke add duke and he belives that they might have some work for them. The rouge looks very wealthy tells them to come to his estates if they are interested in earning real infulence.

the rouge den

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